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The Rocker is about you, about me, and about our love for Classic Rock and Metal!  My name is James West, and I have been a Rock Connoisseur all of my life, and I love to share my experiences and opinions in hopes of possibly turning others on to the bands I love and follow.

Music has been my best friend since I can remember, which brings me back to sounds of the The Beatles, The Turtles, The Monkees, and just about every other animal band that was blasted over the airwaves during the 60s on my parent's AM Radio. 

Top down drivin' around after seeing a Def Leppard concert in fabulous Las Vegas!

In the early '70s the sounds changed to the era of soft rock with the likes of Elton John, Seals and Crofts, and Three Dog Night.  My Mom would always have The Bee Gees, Cat Stevens, and even some cool Otis Redding blasting on the huge turntable stereo console in the living room.

These artists and more were all instrumental in developing my love for melody and rhythm in music.  The 'songwriter' artists got me hooked on music, but it was the hard-rocking guitar riffs and earth-rattling drum beats of 'classic rock' that made me fall in love for life!


My 50th Birthday gift from The Rocker Chic- A 50th Anniversary Gibson Gold Firebird!


Of course, I can't play it for the life of me- Is anyone able to give an old Rocker some lessons? Lol

I may not have had much in this life, but two things that are Rocker requirements to have are both a memory and an opinion! Ha!

If you ask The Rocker Chic she'll tell you I can't even remember yesterday, but when it comes to my life experiences with Rock and Roll my mind is like a Fort Knox Vault!

I can remember every album I've purchased, the songs on the album and usually in what order they appear on the album, and of course how I felt when I heard the album for the first time.  I can even remember where I was and even smells of the day from when I first heard certain songs!  This was especially present from when I was just a kid in full discovery mode.  Do you have these same abilities?  Well, then you must be a Rocker too!

The Rocker Chic on Halloween driving her Jeep to work.  She went as a Peter and Paul combo, and I went as an Ace and Gene combo.  She rocked it better than me! LOL

Yo! I know you'll never be as cool as The Rocker!  But that's ok, It's a Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock and Roll! Peace-Out!

The first three 'heavier rock' albums I ever bought were back in 1976.  They were:  Sweet - Give Us A Wink; Queen - A Night At The Opera; and Aerosmith - Toys In The Attic.  Now, over 2,000 albums, CD's and Blu-rays later I still get the same excitement as I did back in 1976 whenever I put something new on the record player or in the CD or Blu-ray player!

For over 45 years Rock and Roll Music has been an integral part of my life force.  It has had the power to lift me up from moments of intense sadness, loss and depression, and it has also lifted me up even higher in moments of pure joy and happiness.  To me, it's more powerful than any drug you'll every take and more spiritual than any religion you may worship- All Hail the Power Of Music!!

With that said- Let me get off my high Rocker Throne and thank each and every one of you who grace these pages.  It is my sincere pleasure to share my love for music with you through my Rocker Art, Rocker Reviews, and Rocker Rankings.  Hopefully, they will enhance your life experience in a positive way:  LONG LIVE ROCK!!!

-The Rocker James West

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