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7 Months In - Does Firepower Still Deliver The Goods?

Judas Priest

After finally getting to see one of my all time favorite bands last week I thought it would be only fitting to re-visit my review of Judas Priest's latest album Firepower that I wrote when it first hit the record racks back in March of this year.

Has my opinion changed? No, if anything, my love for the album and even this new incarnation of the band has increased. Priest still delivers the goods both on vinyl and on stage. Sure, I miss KK and Glenn as much as the next metalhead, but neither one will be back into the Priest fold. If anything, when producer and fill-in Andy Sneap steps back into more of a producer role and Judas Priest look for another guitarist, it would be wise to grab someone equal to Faulkner's talent on the six-string. (READ MY FULL FIREPOWER ALBUM REVIEW HERE!)

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