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Top 100 Hard Rock Groups #10 Rush

“What in the world? Why… they sound like a bunch of crazy chipmunks!” exclaimed my dear old auntie Charlene after I slipped a copy of “All The Worlds A Stage” into her 8-track player and cranked the volume to her surprise! She had one of those cool HEAVY DUTY wooden console combo record players/8-track players/Radio tuners in the huge console box with built-in speakers. Just lift the plywood lid and pick your poison. Somehow my Rush surprise didn’t seem to fit in with the rest of her 8-tracks from Charlie Pride, Marty Robbins, and the Statler Brothers. But Charlene was a hip-old chic who didn’t seem to mind letting her 14 year-old nephew play his newest discoveries while visiting her home in the boonies of Arkansas. Where she lived it put the Hill in Hillbilly if you know what I mean! But somehow those Rush chipmunks fit right in with the redneck groove. (READ MY FULL RUSH REVIEW HERE!)

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