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AC/DC - Elvis, Chickens, and a Big Ass Bridge

Name one person on this planet nowadays who doesn’t like AC/DC and I’ll show you one deaf and dumb son of a bitch! But that wasn’t always the case back in the 70’s, because I was that lousy SOB!

It was 1975 and I was heavy into Aerosmith at the time, so the early AC/DC sound with Bon felt a little “campy” to me, kind of tongue in cheek. So, I initially dismissed them as kind of a joke believe it or not. But later in ’79 everything changed when I first heard Highway To Hell. I came to really know what AC/DC were all about with a little help from both Elvis and Chickens!

Enter one of my best friends Doug, who is the quintessential Elvis fanatic and entertainer! He used to keep me and my aunt Charlene entertained singing and performing Elvis for hours under the carport of her house in the boonies of Arkansas. Doug and I worked at the chicken plant in the nearby town where we did everything from packing frozen boxes to hanging live chicken for processing. It was the worst job I ever had in my life, so any escape, even coming from The King, was more than welcome! (Click here for full review!)

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